Life Of Christ

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Philippians -- The Life Of 14:51:09Stephen KaungPhillipians:The Life of ChristRichmond, Virginia, USSK10530:11:31 96S44
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Loc_006.mp3 8.704.06.06 19:24:09Bruce Bumgardner06 Rejection in Nazareth 072902001Life of Christhiq128bitmono441000:48:29 24M22
Loc_060.mp3 7.904.06.06 22:45:31Bruce Bumgardner60 Matthew 20:17-28 (44:07.022001Life of Christ SeriesAugust 25, 2002
Loc_074.mp3 23:31:16Bruce Bumgardner74 Matthew 1:18-24 Birth of Je2000Life of Christ SeriesDecember 15, 2002
Loc_077.mp3 23:41:54Bruce Bumgardner77 John 13:1-20 Jesus washes2000Life of Christ SeriesJanuary 5, 2003
Loc_035.mp3 8.404.06.06 21:27:20Bruce Bumgardner35 Matthew 12:22-32 A Critical2001Life of Christ SeriesMarch 3, 2002
Loc_076.mp3 8.304.06.06 23:38:16Bruce Bumgardner76 Ecclesiates: The Value of S2002Life of Christ SeriesDecember 29, 2002
Loc_053.mp3 7.504.06.06 22:21:58Bruce Bumgardner53 Luke 16 The Rich man and La2001Life of Christ SeriesJuly 7, 2002
Loc_054.mp3 7.804.06.06 22:25:40Bruce Bumgardner54 John 11 The Raising of Laza2001Life of Christ SeriesJuly 14, 2002
Loc_055.mp3 22:28:59Bruce Bumgardner55 John 11:17-37 Raising Lazar2001Life of Christ SeriesJuly 21, 2002
Loc_037.mp3 6.904.06.06 21:33:04Bruce Bumgardner37 Matthew 14:13-21 A very lon2001Life of Christ SeriesMarch 17, 2002
Loc_065.mp3 8.804.06.06 23:01:31Bruce Bumgardner65 John 12:37-50 (48:58)2001Life of Christ SeriesSeptember 29, 2002
Loc_068.mp3 7.704.06.06 23:11:18Bruce Bumgardner68 Mt. 21:33-46; 22:1-14 Parab2000Life of Christ SeriesOctober 27, 2002
Loc_087.mp3 6.904.06.07 00:01:55Bruce Bumgardner87 John 14:16,17 (38:24)2000Life of Christ SeriesMarch 16, 2003
Loc_085.mp3 23:59:05Bruce Bumgardner85 John 14:12-14 Greater Works2000Life of Christ SeriesMarch 2, 2003
Loc_045.mp3 4.704.06.06 21:56:47Bruce Bumgardner7 Characteristics of a CommittLife of Christ SeriesMay 12, 20020:26:20 24M22
Loc_075.mp3 23:34:27Bruce Bumgardner75 Luke 2:1-20 (40:31)2000Life of Christ SeriesDecember 22, 2002
Loc_057.mp3 7.604.06.06 22:35:44Bruce Bumgardner57 Lk 17:11-19 (42:21.8)2001Life of Christ SeriesAugust 4, 2002
Loc_058.mp3 6.604.06.06 22:38:38Bruce Bumgardner58 Matthew 19:16-26 the Rich y2001Life of Christ SeriesAugust 11, 20020:04:35192M44
Loc_082.mp3 23:54:27Bruce Bumgardner82 John 14:5-6 (28:04)2000Life of Christ SeriesFebruary 9, 2003
Loc_071.mp3 8.304.06.06 23:22:11Bruce Bumgardner71 Mt. 23:13-36 The Seven Woes2000Life of Christ SeriesNovember 24, 2002
Loc_047.mp3 7.604.06.06 22:02:42Bruce Bumgardner47 Characteristics of a Commit2001Life of Christ SeriesMay 26, 2002
Loc_067.mp3 23:08:00Bruce Bumgardner67 Mt. 21:23-32 Christ in the2000Life of Christ SeriesOctober 20, 2002
Loc_079.mp3 23:47:34Bruce Bumgardner79 John 13:31-38 Upper Room Di2000Life of Christ SeriesJanuary 19, 2003
Loc_066.mp3 23:05:19Bruce Bumgardner66 John 12:39-43 (45:41)2001Life of Christ SeriesOctober 13, 2002
Loc_052.mp3 22:18:34Bruce Bumgardner52 Matthew 17:1-8 (45:54.6132001Life of Christ SeriesJune 30, 2002
Loc_063.mp3 7.904.06.06 22:53:49Bruce Bumgardner63 Mark 11:12-18 (44:07)2001Life of Christ SeriesSeptember 15, 2002
Loc_086.mp3 00:00:13Bruce Bumgardner86 John 14:15 The Relationship2000Life of Christ SeriesMarch 9, 2003
Loc_072.mp3 7.304.06.06 23:25:23Bruce Bumgardner72 Luke 20:45-21:4 (40:36)2000Life of Christ SeriesDecember 1, 2002
Loc_083.mp3 23:56:04Bruce Bumgardner83 John 14:7-9 (39:59)2000Life of Christ SeriesFebruary 16, 20030:15:00 64S44
Loc_081.mp3 6.604.06.06 23:52:53Bruce Bumgardner81 John 14:1-4 Trusting the Lo2000Life of Christ SeriesFebruary 2, 2003
Loc_062.mp3 22:50:24Bruce Bumgardner62 The Triumphal Entry (34:26)2001Life of Christ SeriesSeptember 8, 2002
Loc_051.mp3 8.704.06.06 22:14:57Bruce Bumgardner51 7 characteristics of a Comm2001Life of Christ SeriesJune 23, 2002
Loc_069.mp3 8.604.06.06 23:15:21Bruce Bumgardner69 Mark 12:13-37 Confrontation2000Life of Christ SeriesNovember 3, 2002
Loc_080.mp3 5.304.06.06 23:49:48Bruce Bumgardner80 Jn. 13:36-38; Lk. 22:31-382000Life of Christ SeriesJanuary 26, 2003
Loc_088.mp3 7.604.06.07 00:03:43Bruce Bumgardner88 John 14:18-21 (42:43)2000Life of Christ SeriesMarch 23, 2003
Loc_070.mp3 6.904.06.06 23:18:24Bruce Bumgardner70 Mt. 23:1-12 The King reject2000Life of Christ SeriesNovember 17, 2002
Loc_008.mp3 6.304.06.06 19:33:44Bruce Bumgardner08 Call to Levi Lk 5:27-39 0812001Life of Christhiq128bitmono441000:35:25 24M22
Loc_040.mp3 21:43:12Bruce Bumgardner40 John 6:30-33 The Bread of2001Life of Christ SeriesApril 7, 2002
Loc_039.mp3 21:39:27Bruce Bumgardner39 Bread of Life Discourse; Jn2001Life of Christ SeriesMarch 31, 2002
Loc_041.mp3 6.504.06.06 21:46:04Bruce BumgardnerJn. 6.34-40 The Bread of Life2001Life of Christ SeriesApril 14, 2002

I Still Miss Someone 
I Still Remember 
Is Time 
Is To Burn 
I Stravinsky 
Is True 
Ist Tot 
Ist Trumpf 
Istv N 
I Successi De 
I Suoi Derivati 
Is Up 
I Sure 
I Surrender 
I Surrender All 
I Survey The Wondrous Cross 
I S V 
Is Waiting 
Is War 
Is Watching 
I Swear 
Is Well 
Is Well With My Soul 
Is What It Is 
Is What You Get 
Is Where 
Is Where The Heart Is 
Is Wide 
Is Wonderful 
Is Wrong 
Is Yet To Come 
Is You 
Is You Is 
Is You Is Or 
Is You Is Or Is 
Is You Is Or Is You 
Is You Is Or Is You Ain 
Is You Is Or Is You Ain T 
Is You Is Or Is You Ain T My 
Is Your 
Is Your Land 
Is Your Life 
Is Your Love 
Is Yours 
Iszoloscope Remixed 
I T 
It 2 
It A 
I Ta Ca Pw 
It A Day 
It Ag 
It Again 
It Ain 
It Aint 
It Ain T 
It Ain T Easy 
It Ain T Me 
It Ain T Me Babe 
It Ain T Necessarily So 
It Aint Over 
It Ain T Over Til It S Over 
It Aint Over Yet 
It Aint Safe 
It Aint Safe No More 
It Aint So 
It Ain T So 
I Tak 
I Take 
Itala Internacia 
Italian Boys 
Italian Christmas Donkey